About City Rat Photo

What About Me?

Around age 16 I decided that law enforcement in New York City was not for me, so I began to explore other directions. Early wanderings led me to a job as an assistant in a stock photo agency. It was there, while working with a photographer named Anton, a spark was ignited, as well as the start of my lifelong interest in photography. Since then photography has been a continuous and on going learning experience for me. I’ve rarely been without a camera since those early days when I knew that a camera fit my hands nicely.

For the most part I am self-taught. I’ve learned the trade and art of photography through trial and error. In the last twenty years I’ve been involved in camera clubs, photo competitions, judging and one-man shows. It was in 1990 I began to shoot weddings and live music shows. Pretty soon I was shooting shows at the Bluebird Theater and tagged the house photographer. I really loved shooting those shows. If you know me today you know that is why I’m out shooting every honky-tonk, rock ‘n roll, blues band in any and every juke joint in town most nights.

To sum up photography for me, I love every aspect of it and hopefully you will see that inside my website. My love for photography is about people, street scenes, nature, on location, and in the studio. What I strive for with my camera is to shoot the unexpected and get the shot that no one else did.

Enjoy your visit inside my website. If you like what you see give me a call. Remember getting the shot can be a lot of fun.